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Update, 06.26.11: Yuna is officially retired! I had so much fun wearing this to JAFAX 16, my friend Kristine (Akroma) let me borrow her summoning staff so I could really let this costume go out with a bang! I'll miss this cosplay, and I feel bad retiring it after I put in so much hard work... but half of the pieces don't fit anymore so there's no point in just letting it collect dust in my closet! Plus, there are other Yuna outfits to conquer~!

It's like a rite of passage for every female Final Fantasy cosplayer to make a Summoner Yuna costume, right? Yeah, sure, let's go with that.

I originally never wanted to make this cosplay. I was hellbent against it, to tell you the truth. But then CourtoonXIII made FFX Rikku, and she started talking about putting together a whole FFX group... And I'm a sucker for large groups. More than that, we'd already done Rikku and Yuna before as their Kingdom Hearts II versions, and I know I'd get horrendously jealous if someone else filled in as Yuna.

...So, as you can see, I really didn't have a choice.

Making this costume was both ridiculously fun and ridiculously stressful. It taught me a lot of new techniques, such as gradient dyeing (which I'm now obsessed with), pleating, and gradient painting (for the obi). Beyond that, I learned how to make giant fake bows, which I'm sure will come in handy one day in my life. (...Right.)

And I was able to use my jewelry-making skills in a costume, and that was fun! All of the jewelry on this costume is hand-made, save for the bracelets. Yes, even the necklace. It was spend $20 for one online, or make one for $5. Kind of a no-brainer right there.

There are a few things I'm not happy with, such as the skirt. I made it before losing a ton of weight (not literally a ton, but a good amount), and so it doesn't fit at all. That's caused the pleats to look funny, but I can't take the skirt in without messing up the pleats even more. And I'd be totally willing to remake the skirt if it wasn't for all the insane amount of fabric painting I had to do. I think in total I spent well over 24 hours painting things for this costume. Le sigh.

I also need to futz around with the placement of the white top. It looked great on my dress form, but I neglected to remember that dress forms don't move, whereas cosplayers do. So it didn't stay as perfectly placed as I wanted it to, but I'll be fixing that before the next time I wear this, which should be Youmacon '10.

Overall, I love this costume! And now I want to cosplay more of Yuna's dress spheres. Dang it.


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MugetsuHime IT IS INDEED A RITE OF PASSAGE. p: Great job~ Really pretty!