ammnra as Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Cosplayer: ammnra
Debuted: PAX Prime 2010

"How I Did It" Costume Video:

Tali Props Video:

Made from a raw/unfinished urethane Garrus statue/bust (My Wicked Armor) that I hacked and cut apart to make an articulated jaw mask.

I hand carved the scars and then spray painted the whole thing. I airbrushed in the scars, details and shadows and hand painted on the "war paint." Visor made of craft foam and a hand cut/heat bent PET strip and 2 LEDs with super glued on Objet(Eden 350) icons.

Made from armature wire/mesh, upholstery foam, plaster, and fiber glass resin.

Since this was my first attempt at armor, I tried a hand full of different methods on each section of armor. Method that worked the best was an under form of mesh/armiture with streched foam on top. Mix (1:1ish) Modge Podge with flexable Joint Compound to make thick MP and coat foam. Light sanding, paint and distress to finish. Armor looks hard but is still kinda foamy. For really flexable armor just use foam coated with flexable glue. Light sanding, paint, yada-yada...

Lighting system has 5 channels with 8 modes (no fancy micro controllers, just a hacked LED christmas light set). 59 (49 blue and 10 for the UV face lighting) LEDs in the armor (Hooray 19 hours of wiring/soldering!)

Under coated with the greatest primer/paint ever – Spray Appliance Epoxy

Nerf Raider with scope from friends long shot. Lots of Dremeling and some hand heat/bent PET plastic and craft foam. The expansion barrels are just chunks of a curtain rod from Bed Bath and Beyond. Spray paint hot glue and some distressing and a lighting system finish it off. Video link in gun photo descriptions.

Basically, I've bound both my pinky and middle fingers to my palm.

The pinky is folded in half and taped to my ring finger to make the side of my palm blend into my ring finger, so the gloves actually have 3 fingers and a thumb. The middle finger covered with the same fabric as the back of my hand. I put the glove on with my pinky pre-bound with tape and then my middle finger is bent down "flat" against my palm and held in place by velcro and straps. That way I can free it when I need actual dexterity.
Not sure if that makes any sense...

Just chunks of PET-G that were hand cut, heated, and bent to form the basic shapes. Rivets and fishing line hold the sections together and form joints so your hand can still move and the lower rings can fold out of your way. To replicate the details, patterns, and raised sections, I cut sections from old keyboards and double stick taped to the outside. For edge lighting the omni-tool, I used 30 right-angle amber LEDs (recovered from scraped diabetic meters - perk of my ADC job) and taped them into notches.

Finally, the hard parts are over....Making it and wearing it!

Pax was a blast. We were WAYYYYY more popular than I would have guessed. The PAX enforcers kept telling us to move along cause we causing traffic jams but the photographers didn't relent.

I don't want to monopolize the site with my pictures so TONS of pics from PAX and the armor/costume tests are @: