Saint Seiya (Sacred Saga artbook)



This was on my wishlist since 2-3 years and I decided to give it a shot!

It looked very difficult and it was!
But is a dream come true. :D

Sometimes restarted 3-4 times on some parts before getting it "right" to my opinion. (shape was not right, construction didn't look okay, new idea's, ...)

The project was started around September 2010, then put "on hold" and I restarted working on it, I believe end of December 2010. Of course not every evening or every week I work on it but the current estimation is: approx. 130 hours.
(I forgot to time exact my hours in September-October)

Used materials: mirror foil (used 6 rolls, mainly leftovers left) , plastic, fabric (stretch-lame purple/silver, lycra-polyester white and white/blue cotton), wire, glue (fabric glue and hot glue), rhinestones (gems), a Swarovski crystal AB drop, balsa wood, foam (craft foam and leftover from an old laptop bag), a cut-out piece of a leftover wooden furniture, an old lingerie corset, paper tape, wonderflex, model magic, white fluffy cord called Marabou, stuffing (filling) used on teddy bears, 4 parts from ballpoint pens, all purpose glitter paint, waterproof spray and lilac textile paint.

I've learned a lot, mainly the weaknesses and strengths of:
- mirror foil
- wonderflex
- balsa wood

The MP3 file took me (aside from the cosplay) 3 weeks. Listening, converting, mixing and finding the final part.

My husband made the construction of the prop.
It is made from plastic tubes and the measurements are 2m28 x 2m07.
The moon itself is approx. 1m30 on 1m30.

Due to the dancing at MIA3 AND lack of time (some things didn't went as planned those last 2 and a half days) some small details need to be changed. After the act: almost nothing fell off or broke off only my corset needs to be fine tuned. In general: no heavy repairs.

TOTAL TIME: 225,30 hours
(+2h if you count my mom's work on quickly sewing the moon on the fabric due to my lack of time - decoration part)

TOTAL COST: +250 euro

Note: this cosplay will be updated and fine tuned for photoshoots and upcoming events. (Animagic)
+ Time: 65h
(remaking corset, find a way to keep the shoulder pads in place, changed the shoulder pads, preparing another skit + setting up decoration, untangling/washing + styling my wig and the preparation of my portfolio)

TOTAL/FINAL time: 290,30 hours.
TOTAL costs: +290 euro
Note: I do hope to do a studio photoshoot with the moon once, it would be awesome to re-create the scenary like in the book.


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Series Saint Seiya (Sacred Saga artbook)
Character Artemis


MysteriousMaemi thanks everyone! :)

camusaquarius j'addore ton cosplay d'artemi. il est vraiment superbe

Iloon Look amazing, I really love this! I want to see this in real but there is a chance I can't go to AnimagiC this year =( Good thing you have learned a lot with this cos, wonderflex and mirror foil, haha need to learn to work with that too some day xD

[email protected] Wonderful costume Maemi :-) It suits you so so well, and I can't wait to see the even better "updated version".