Kagami Hiiragi

Lucky Star

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OMG, I <3 Lucky Star so much! I can't get over how freaking adorable this show is... one of the only anime's out there that actually makes me "lol"! My real-life sister Miaka-chan and I love the Hiiragi twins and wanted to cosplay them together (even though I'm taller than her, sadness... I'm such a monster ;____;). And since our youngest sister, Chichiriko, has a very Konata-ish sleepy face (cuuuuuute <333), we decided to stuff her in a costume as well.

The classic school girl uniforms; so deceptively simple xD;. Miaka-chan and I thought it would be super easy to churn these out if we were working on them together, but three sweat-shop style sewing nights later they still weren't done =___=;;. Granted there were three uniforms to make and we lined everything meticulously, but still! Getting to wear cute matching outfits with my sisters was worth the long nights sewing (and seam ripping... *cough* &gt;.&gt;).


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