Eternal Sonata

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I made this for my friend Ed's daughter, Maddy. Ed & Maddy's whole family are big Eternal Sonata fans and all play the game together, so when Ed heard I was going to be making ES costumes for Comic-Con, he planted the bug in my ear that his daughter would looooove to have a Salsa costume... so I made this for her to wear on Halloween ^^.

Maddy loved her costume and really got into doing Salsa-esque poses for the camera ~ quite the little cosplay protege ;D! So cute!!

And this is why I need to have kids one day... LOL


@Sparkle Pipsi
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Series Eternal Sonata
Character Salsa


mysticmaya917 i am planning on doing Salsa for Acen, shes my favorite character also. regarding her hair i was wondering do you think its more red or pink color, its hard to tell the shade. if you could let me know what you think thatd be great. :)

Geister She is adorable!