Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor

Fallout 3

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We have been working on this costume for about a month and are nearing completion - should have it completed by March 14.


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Series Fallout 3
Character Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor


cosplaykingjosh If you still have it I'll give you $12,000.00 for that Costume. I'm taking my son to Metro-Con and he wants that costume. Send him an email at [email protected] with an answer you have 30 days to respond before my offer expires and I move on to someone else.

wolfmeng88 This is exactly what I am looking for what price would you place on replicating this suit?

pachen quanto verrebbe a costare??

Alex.hoopla Can you please tell me how much it would cost to buy one from you because I will pay a lot of money to get this. This is just awesome

hemms2 How much would it cost to get one made and shipped for me?

AvaWeiss Are you willing to re-make this costume for a paying customer?? I will buy!

fallout~3master do you think you can make me the helmet to the power armor that would be great

Abaddon1986 Hello Costume is very good detailled and seems real! What materials are you using for armor?

Leadmill This is a brilliant costume, hats off mate!

WesR We need plans for that minigun.

Gohan976 Amazing I'd love to see you tackle the T-51b since I'm an original fallout fan and although this looks amazing I much prefer the original power armour.

WesR I wish i had the room to make something like that lol. Very cool.

Darkwolf17 dude...who are you? jesus? tis rocks...done VERY well...any chance of instructions on how you did it? i've been trying, but havent been able to get started...

Drogmir That's just crazy man!

Locusthorde HOW... F***ING... MUCH?!?!? I need a halloween costume and IM ADDICTED TO FO3 XDXDXDXD

Wastelander Incredible work. I would seriously pay good money for one of these.

CzarN That is outstanding! It eeally some of the best armor Ive ever seen. Id like to see what you could do with Tesla Armor :D

_Paradox_ O.O ... ....... are amazing.

Exkiwiz I really want to thank you for doing such a costume. You are the best "cosplay" i've ever seen and when i lokk at you, i really feels that you came out of my game. I might be able to ear threedog if i pay more attention ! Well, seeya, and do others :)

jesushchrist Foam power armor... that's pretty clever, get the look without the weight. Although I don't think it'll be any good against plasma weapons.