Fye/Fai D. Flowright standard version

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Why did you choose this character ? I love the Clmap mangas and Tsubasa Chronicles is a fanstastic story with interessant characters ! Fai is very classy *-*
and I never made a crossplay, paly a man as I'm a girl ! XD It was very fun !

How long did you take to make it ?

2 weeks.

How did you make :

I made only white jacket and blue coat for the moment
but I'll make the white cloack and the staff with crystal ^^

the hardest parts to make : the coat !

the simplest parts : gold accessories

advantages of this costume :

disadvantages of this costume : very hot! (the coat especially because of fabric)

when and for what occasion did you wear this dress ?

Lille cosplay 2008

Did you win awards for your costume at the cosplay contest ?


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Fye/Fai D. Flowright standard version


vampirelover Wonderful work!!!!! *_* I love this anime you did wonderful job!!!!!