Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour

Iron Man 2



This costume, as far as I can discern, has never been attempted before (as of March 2011).

This is the Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour inspired by the suit seen in Iron Man 2.

My suit is unique in that it transforms from a (slightly large, somewhat irregularly shaped) briefcase, into a fully-detailed, fully-functional suit of armour.

Below is a comprehensive description of all parts and materials required to build the suit, as well as detailed instructions on the methods involved.

- Over 4000 Lego Technic pieces
- 483 individual pieces of 0.080” high-impact polystyrene plastic armour (each individually heat formed by hand)
- 4 coats of RM brand automotive paint (Red: M8010C, Silver: M6352V) sealed with 3 coats of Car 2k URKI clear coat
- Clear Gorilla Super Glue
- 250 meters of 40lb. red fishing line
- 145 round neodymium magnets
- 7 meters of 1.5" wide black elastic strapping
- 10 sheets of black Fun Foam
- 2 meters of silver dryer hose
- 4 meters of silver seatbelt strapping
- 6 retractable reels (2 steel cable, 4 kevlar cord)
- 4 meters of 1/8" steel cable
- 40 1" steel mending plates
- black spandex faceless hood
- black spandex long-sleeve shirt and pants
- black lycra horse riding gloves
- 100 meters of heavy-duty black thread
- 2lbs. of oil-based clay
- 1 translucent plastic tomato-saver (bottom, for arc reactor)
- 1 Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller
- 1 Lithium Battery pack
- 3 4-AA battery holders
- 12 Energizer NiMH 2300mAh AA batteries
- 20 meters of 24 awg copper wire
- 36 8000mcd ultrabright white LEDs (22 in arc reactor, 6 per repulsor, 2 in the eyes)
- 36 68-ohm resistors
- 2 8-ohm speakers (for repulsors)
- 1 magnetic reed switch (to monitor mask position)
- 4 20k slide potentiometers (for monitoring wrist position)
- 2 1”x1” piece of PCB boards
- transparent-blue plastic (for eye lenses)

Arc Reactor Materials (sewn into shirt):
- 1 Arduino Lilypad
- 1 LilyPad LiPower power supply
- 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion battery
- 9 Lilypad white LEDs
- conductive thread
- 3” clear plexiglass circle
- Foil tape

Process info will follow (either here, or in the photo album as comments.)

See my series of 4 videos for video demonstrations of the last two months of the build process here:


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Character Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour
Variant Mark V Briefcase Armour


Yazmine This is the definition of badass!

Geister Impressive falls way short, but I can't find a better word ! Awesome job!

KrisStam I'm so impressed you have no idea. Just had to comment! Absolutely brilliant job!

ry84 @score Gorilla Glued every single piece together. Took forever, and spent months peeling chunks off of my finger tips, but it held together really well.

score It all looks really intense and cool! Im confused how the legos won't fall aprt though.