Kingdom Hearts II



Photos by Cless & Jose.

Exact cost: 93.66 euros.

Making of process:

There was no Halloween contest! They had to change the location of the comics store. And our friend, who was going to be Kairi, couldn't finish her costume in time. So Jose and I went to a party in a tea house-bar decorated as a cementery. It was really cool and fun!

I did everthing, excepting for the tights and the wig. The wig is from cosplaywig on ebay, they have excellent wigs and are affordable, and some of them are for certain characters. <a href="http://rydiacosplay.webs.com/photos/-finished-costumes/dedondesaquearikuht.jpg"&gt;Here</a&gt; you have an image of everything I based off my costume. The hat was all imagination though xD. Jose wants to make the fan art, I will upload it when he can make it.

But before making the clothes, I made the little hat, half skirt of the shorts, wing and shoes. The hat was made with black felt, white satin ribbon, wire for the little bat wings and some black tulle for details up and down. I also did a cute skull with white felt, and details also with felt and foam. It's showing it tonge with a pumpkin lollipop rolled in it, and it has a giant knife on the top of it head. I used some red painting to simulate blood on the head and knife.

Then I made the skirt. Easy and simple: I used black tulle and black gauze. They were so good, specially the gauze, I didn't even need taking up the hem! I made three layers of each fabric, I gathered them and sewn them together.

This is the first time making wings for me, and I only did one. I could find cheap black feathers here. I made the base of the wig with thick wire, and I used the left overs from the tulle to cover it. I glued every feather on both sides of the wing with translucent contact glue. It's really strong, no feathers fell from the wing thanks to it. I think it came out really good!

The shoes were really easy. I used my Lady Luck Rikku's shoes (without the yellow cover from that costume, of course), and I covered them in an unknown black fabric we found inside of a bag (really, we still don't know what fabric is, or where it cames from xD). I finally could do them without the seam at the front side! I'm really happy for it, now I can make shoes and boots that look better. I put black velcro at the back of the shoes, and painted the decorations with my silver fabric painting.

For my clothes, I used patterns from the magazine "Burda", one for the vest and another one for the blouse. I did the pattern of the shorts altering a previus pattern I did for my Rin Kagamine's shorts. I altered the pattern of the vest too, in order to look like the final result in the photos. I should had taken photos of the back side, because it's made from a fabric which is black and inside is red (it's crepe mixed with someting else, maybe gabardine or tergal), but both can be seen mixed, it's really pretty. Also, I bought red buttons and painted them orange, then I drew eyes and mouth like those of the Halloween pumpkins with a black ink pen. The front side, the blue one, is tergal. I made a heartless symbol with black felt and red silk cord, and I glued it on the vest with the Gutermann fabric glue.

But, I first made the shorts. I used the imitation of velvet fabric that left off my Homunculus costume. I made it in order to look like those old, wide pants from the 19th century, but as shorts. I made two double stripes out of the fabric in order to gather the shorts in the down part, which make the up part looks wide. I made the spider web with silk white cord I glued to the fabric with Gutermann fabric glue.

The vest was easy to make, but not the blouse. I used a pretty satin for it. I never thought it was so difficult making a formal blouse! I put white felt inside the collar, so it could be stiff and nice. The patterns for blouses on "Burda" are so perfect! Specially the sleeves. I had a bit of problem sewing the down part, but finally all came out nice.

Finally, I made the sword. It's more like a scythe, with bones as the pommel (or maybe cross-ward? I don't know, this isn't a regular sword xD). I used a pvc stick, translucent contact glue and a material called "yoga mat" for the scythe and the bones. It can stand synthethic silver painting, I will use it in the future for sure! I made the painting for the bones with yellow, white and pink acrilic paintings I have, in order to obtain a color similar to bones. I used black shoe polish so they look less plain, and bringing them out. It was easy, fun and I looks really good.

I made the clothes of Sora, and he did the decorations and accesories. It was easier than my clothes! He learnt to make patterns from his own clothes and cut them, but still I'm the seamstress xD.

In 2014, I fixed the keyblade. I stored it wrongly and it got all crooked and broke in some places. I used kobracast to cover both the grip and the blade, so I wouldn't need to do it again from scratch. I used some varnish to cover the little holes that kobracast has on its surface and then I painted everything. This way it won't broke anymore!


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Gummibar I like how it came out. <3 It's so cute. I'm really liking the color palette of the costume, too. Keep it up!