The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



More pictures to come in some months or so :D
These pictures are from Genki-con 2010.

I made the shield and the sword by myself. Only thing I need to finish before the photoshoot is the sheath for the Master Sword.

If you're interested in seeing the skit that was performed with this cosplay go here:
We had this crazy group name: "The Nappas, hey listen! It's over 9000!"
We won best props with this skit :D

My Ilia is:

The official "Link Photoshoot" is online with no less than 40 pictures! I'll NOT upload them all to this profile, so in order to see them all, go to my personal website or my photographer's website
We have a little variation in out galleries so in order to see all the pictures you'll have to visit both sites :3


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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Anaribia This is so amazing. I really like how you did your makeup. And those props are just unbelievable. :D This is crazy awesome!

zuum You're still my fav Link of all <3 ;W;

Zarsu The details are crazy *__*

Degu nu føler jeg mig bare som en du vandt ikke for best craft..du vandt for best props. best craft gik til ida som sailor jupiter, sorry. men du kunne fandme godt ha vundet for best craft hvis du havde deltaget i den konkurrence