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Since my first attempt was from when i was 11 (Heh,) i decided to redo EVERYthing. Pictures soon.

+Materials Used
For fabric painting, i used mainly Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paint, which is what i recommend, considering the first time i painted the shirt, it didnt turn out too well using a different brand fabric paint. This paint goes on smoother and dries nicer.

Regular khaki shorts i altered and sewed on some extra things.

A black tank top? i cut and hand painted with a few coats of white fabric paint.

A sleeveless hoodie from a while back i dyed to be a dark grey/almost black color, shortened it and did some alterations, added a belt peice and another zipper to it.

I did make one at one point, but didn't like how it turned out, but upon sneaking into my mom's room one day, found it on her bed and snatched it ^^. Apparently it went to a dress jacket of some sort. It's made of a stretchy material and has a white trim around it. I just got lucky to find it! Heh

+White Wristband
Since the nearest fabric store is a half an hour away, i just snooped through some of my old "painting" clothes and found a really stretchy white shirt and snipped it off and sent it through the sewing machine.

+Arm warmer
Black fabric that stretched a bit, i put elastic on the top. For the stripes, i simply painted them on.

Black vinyl/pleather material i cut and made into a belt.

+Belt cover
Same material i used for the belt, and using fabric glue, glued a white trim around it, then sewed it where necessary at the front.

Made attachable to the belt, and the pockets were made from the same material for the belt and cover.

They're white instead of khaki brown/tan knee-high converse boots i bought from Journey's when they first came out for about $80

Well, since knee-socks never seem to stay up when i wear them, i just took black leggings, cut them, and they're now basically leg warmers hidden by the boot. I painted the white stripes on it like the arm warmer.

+Various pieces on the costume
All the additions and belts and such are made out of a black pleather/vinyl type material. I found we have TONS of it in our sewing area. The metal parts of the belt were all made by me since i couldn't find any place around that sold belt pieces and clips. I took a bunch of pieces off an old bag i had and bent them to shape correctly, then bent another piece over top of it so the belt can slip through easily.

Ordered from <a href="http://shop.cosplay.com/ccs00-dark-brown-short-straight-wig.html"&gt; Cosworx </a&gt; (Or atleast what Cosworx is now) in dark brown. I'm telling you guys now, the new wig line Cosplay.com released, the premium wig line? NO DYING METHOD WORKS. I've tried RIT, alchohol and FW ink, and even actual hair dye out of desparation. Since it's dark enough to actually look okay, i think it looks fine. My friend's mom is a barber and owns her own shop, so she cut and styled it for me. She cut a TON of hair off of it.

Redone from the first 2 versions to make the blades look better and reinforce them.
I made it from foam core and a board material i got from a thick gift box. I'll definitely remake this over the summer this year. The middle "X" area really needs reinforced.

I have a small tutorial on the cosplay forums under tutorials

If you have any questions at all about anything, feel free to contact me through here or my email. I don't bite (:


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