Sakura Hime

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Although this isn't exactly the most complicated costume I've made, it did give me a lot of work. The corset was pretty simple, as it was a basic corset pattern with a few details, like the ruffles and lace. For the skirts, I made first a bell-shaped skirt in black fabric and made the crown with fabric and interfacing, with the details painted on, and then another half-skirt in white with all the ruffles. For the sleeves it was pretty much similar. For the headdress, I made it with the same fabric and made the small crowns just like the big crown. The necklace was made with a white ruffle and ribbons. As for the feather, I made it with craft foam, fabric and dimensiona fabric paint. It was not too difficult to make, but quite a lot of work, especially the miles of ruffles x.x; however, although there were some details I wasn't satisfied with, I liked how it turned out in general.
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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura Hime

Narnian Beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

Chinako Goodness! That skirt is HUGE! <3 What a beautiful dress - the details are amazing and you look lovely in it.