Ciel Phantomhive




This costume was made in 4 days. Attyca who is my lovely Sebastian approached me the weekend before the con saying we should cosplay these characters, for some reason I felt we should do it at the upcoming con and managed to spew out the costume in a small amount of time.

The jacket, shorts, boot covers and hat cover are made of navy blue corduroy suede, the black is a black suede and any other fabric is blue suiting material. The bustle was made using a blue/black heavy crepe satin and the stripes were all sewn on individually. To say the least...It was one hell of a week.
First time every crossplaying, and possibly the last. Not the biggest fan of hiding the fact I'm a girl and I didn't make a very convincing little boy lol

Huge thank you to Jack Lui for doing an impromptu photoshoot with us, Vickybunnyangel for assisting and AcksonL for getting the photoshoot for us. Much love guys!


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Series Kuroshitsuji
Character Ciel Phantomhive


Ashford Great ;D