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My 2nd serious cosp.) Many details, many time. So... my soul danсes 'cause it's the 1st cosplay of Hagane in Russia (or maybe in..?). I tried. You see. ^,^
Costume was made nearly May, 2009 , but I had no time to take photos or display it somewhere. And, in fact, I couldn't find a wig like her - Hagane's hair isn't silver, like someone can do (after me in Russia was another girl, who cosplayed Hagane), it's steal... in June, 2010 I received the best wig I've ever imagined for her... and this one was exetremely bad, I know, but I had no choise - I emergensy needed any wig. Well, I'll try to do real photosession soon.


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Series Vocaloid
Character Hagane Miku


L_DemonWolf excuse me... i would love to borrow this costume if you still have it. Cause were doing a dance to Love & Joy at Otakon...and i wanted to cosplay as Miku Hagane