Angel Sanctuary



Whoot for my first set of angel wings! I'm glad they were a success and I'm humbled the crowd enjoyed them! Thank you everyone for your kindness, I truly appreciate it!

Wig: Bought online and styled by me.

Makeup: Eyeliner pencil for eye tattoo, coverup for face, marker/tattoo pen for tattoo on arm.

Jewelry: Bought from various stores. Red Jewel necklace from Spencers.

Coat: Made by me without a pattern. Accessorized with a medal. Ring on shoulder used from scrap plastic lying about.

Armor: Made from Wonderflex, aluminum tape, gesso, black acrylic paint, and electrical wire.

Gloves: Bought, modified by me.

Pants: Bought, modified by me.

Belts: Bought at Hot Topic.

Shoes: Bought, modified by me.

-Base frame is copper tubing and chicken wire, covered in black felt.
-Feathers bought from Rainbow Feather Company, glued onto the felt.
-"fuzzy" feathers bought at a craft store, cut and fitted to the wings with glue.
-Harness is modeled after a backpack, 4 straps placed through the back of the coat in small slits. This wraps under the arms for support. Clips used within the harness to put on and remove the wings.


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Series Angel Sanctuary
Character Lucifer


Serephita I um...kind of want to make out with you for doing this costume. <3 Even if it is a spoiler since I haven't finished the series. lol