Dark Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



So apart from Final Fantasy, I'm a HUUGE Legend of Zelda nerd 8B i've always wanted to cosplay from the series but never knew just who or what to be lOL until i officially met my con family of Zeldaness and i decided to match up with Inkylink's Dark Link and be DARK ZELDA! Now i have a hard time wanting to do any other 'light' zelda cosplays.. i'm hooked on the eeeeevil! XD


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Dark Zelda


CalamityJade beautiful, you're a perfect dark Zelda! *_*

FuryKeaton-chan O_O these are so beautiful!

Tif9123 This is amazing ^^ i love it!

Arimas *gasp* Were you also at ACEN 2009?? I think I've got your picture:)

princessnavi848 Wow, your cosplay really is amazing! I love all the red you added in. Hey, have any pointers for a newby? heh! Your pics. really do look great. :D

English_Muffin Im not suprised your hooked on the evil when you do it SO WELL! Freaking adore this cosplay ^^

Tigerpython nice, you look good with this cosplay

princessearth i LOVE these pics!! ^_^ though it doesn't do ur cosplay justice!!! It looks so much better in person! love ya! ttyl!