Shining Tears



I admit it, I've never played the game... and I made a costume from it. When I saw the design a while back, it was put on the to-do list. I don't know why I thought making more hakama was a good idea. I've made far too many now.

The entire costume is made from trigger cotton. I like it for pleating hakama. I happen to have a lot of white trigger leftover, so the top what made from that by default. The yin-yangs are black broadcloth I had laying around. The gold is crepe back satin which is ugly, but the design called for it. I couldn't find a gold in the right shade in other fabrics. ^^

Other than that, it's the standard hakama "pattern" and draped the top on the dressform (nothing major).



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Series Shining Tears
Character Ryuna


HimeZelda Wow your Ryuna is so great. But I have played the game. So sorry I'm not in the "not playing game loop" LOL But your Ryuna is amazing! I plan on doing here too! Hope mine will look as good!

Tsubasaglz wow u made it great!!! I wanna made Ryuna too and I haven't played the game aether xD