Haruno Sakura

Naruto: Shippūden

I used the same top as my Shippuden attire, which I had already made.

I used my short pre-time skip Sakura wig, without a headband.

I purchased a size S off-white regular T shirt, cut it a more dramatic round neckline, and wore it beneath the top.

I then just got some navy blue fabric, and made a pencil skirt that was about an inch big on me, to give it that loose look.

I wore my regular Time skip boots as well, pre-altered for the time skip outfit and everything.

Last but not least, the prop. I purchased a cheap planner at a dollar store, painted it with a white base coat, and then painted it green. After that I got some pretty nifty screen shots of the book, and scribbled whatever nonsense that was writting on the cover, with my handy dandy paintbrush, with black paint. After-wards I got the idea to glue the book shut, so if anyone asked to read what was in it, they couldn't. I might go and make a new one, having the center be hollowed out for personal uses like to hold my wallet and stuff in it. I'm not quite sure yet.

There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series Naruto: Shippūden
Character Haruno Sakura

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