Why did I choose this character:

I find this character very funny and cool!! ^___^ It's absolutely my fav of the history! *_*

Making off:

This was my second costume and was made for an Inu Yasha group. The costume istself is nothing special since is a black kimono I own altered a little with a purple piece of fabric wrapped around. But it has been difficult understanding how to wrap correctly the purple fabric at the kimono, but at the end I did it thanks to my mom who helped me and I like how it turned out! ^_^
Then I made the armbad with purple satin and black iron on stiffener, the rosary with white pearls and the shakujo which is Miroku's stick, made with a wooden stick with a circle cutted out from a piece of thin wood embed at the top. The decoration inside the circle is made with pearls modeled with modeling clay and the six rings are plastic bracelets.

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Character Miroku
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