Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis



◊ Cost: 30€
◊ Making time: 10 Hours

I love Resident Evil, I love Jill. This outfit is realy easy to make but the most difficult is to taking good shot in a good place ! I used black coton for the skirt. I planed to buy leather but, i don't have the oportunity to do. Maybe for a redone, later. The top is more closed to her Rebirth appearence than RE3. But honestly, the top color is, well, just too flashy for a Jill ! I used a fabric similar to jean's color, but very elastic. I like this way. I don't cut my hair, I don't use wig, just up my natural hair for photos. I think that looks like good. I used some make-up just to suit her natural ton and to be more closed to her expression. Cause, yeah, when you run anywhere without any senses to shoot zombies and to find iron pipe for open fucking door for taking key for open police office for recup holly statues for... Ok, well, you look tired ! :) And, I like my gun.


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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Character Jill Valentine
Variant Rebirth colors


Angeal very good work on the costume

Misha.Shepard YOU'RE JILL :D I love it

Straywind You're a fantastic Jill! Your costume looks great! (^^)

Mallory Wow you look just like her!

Angel-Swater Franchement tes photo clak tout et je connais le gars qui est avec toi il est inscrit sur l'un de mes forum Fallen angel sinon ta bien trouver les endroit c 'est pas mal tout ça =)

Derka-kun yay more Umbrella fans..thanks for the pic comment, your costumes are amazing

contosdeavalon Amazing !! I love you Jill!!

NocesEmily J'ai vu Resident Evil hier pour la première fois, et bien je peux te dire que tu fais une superbe Jill! Je suis mega fan du film maintenant et aussi de ton costume du coup ^^