Prince of Persia



First came the mask, then the guantlets, then the bandages...come october I found the rest...i altered the bandage placement ideas, and had fewer of them. cardboard and duct tape make the mask, i used some skull teeth from a sword i chopped up a bit. top is just under armor from ross, the pants are from an unknown origin, the shoes were just some tennies with black duct tape, the shin gaurds were slide on boots from one of my nephews previous costumes, and all white decorations were done with white out. swords were simple costume shop, belts from both my own closet, and some "homemade" and goodwill. probably took about $30-40 total and maybe 20 hours of work. above all i'm very proud of this one...


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Series Prince of Persia
Character Sandwraith


Redgameboy needs more wavy, white tentacle bandages sticking up round the back of everything. But it's still great. If you could super glue 2 pieces of blue acetate plastic sheets (kinda like coloured printable transparencies) behind the eye holes, it'd be very spooky

anarchymale85 Wow...very orginal. Amazing.

RexiiRen Nice job!

Hikarix Kick ass! Best I've seen

Naoto <Mikaela> Great job! *.*

Clodia In "Prince of Persia" didn't play, but photos very much are pleasant

Hinote_Ichimaru This is just so....kickass! wow amazing work, you did a fantastic job!

LadyCerbero WOW!!! Supr epic!!! one of my fav characters *.*

YuriHappiny wow this is extremely impresssive!! O_O you did an amazing job with everything from the props to the costume itself!!!! =DD *w* i envy your skills!! and thank you so much for the sweet comments on my Female Buzz Lightyear and Captain Olimar!<3

ibi-san This is a sweet costume! (and thanks for the comments ^__^)

Mifi wow, this is epic o_o! (thanks for your comment... about my profil picture: it's me wearing my amulet fortune cosplay - photos will be added soon xD) i especially like the mask and the swords :).

MonsumeTheGreat really awesome like u are him

roof45 Sandwraith ta massa.....good

Kentaro Darkdox Good job!

Earl Astaroth what an amazing job here!

caillen This is really interesting!!! Never thought anyone would cosplay as the sandwraith! I like the dynamic shots!

RedSpaceRanger Pretty damn cool man!

misuzu-chi one of my best friends would love you for this. and it is amazing! &#9829;

Lacrimosa Nifty.

SanctusIX MY GOSH!!! is amazing!!!