Utada Hikaru




Decided to "go big or go home" for my first Megacon costume contest! This dress was an exciting technical challenge that I'd been thinking about doing for around a year. I took a long time collecting all the various fabrics/furs/cords/ribbons/sequins that are used on the coat. The garments themselves are relatively simple, but it was the embellishment that took many many hours on this one: several hundred yards of trim, 25 yards of satin cord to macrame the cordage for the neckline, 3 separate rabbit pelts handsewn to the neckline and wrist, not to mention the 13 beach balls that hold up the bubble structure of the train (which is fully detachable)! And the whole thing is surprisingly light and easy to walk in.


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Last Updated 11 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Jpop
Character Utada Hikaru
Variant Passion PV


RinoaShadow so beautiful! you look radiant in it! im panning on making it, but i was scared cause i thought no one else had done it =) what did you do for the dress material? =) (im envious of you!! so pretty!! ^,^)

misaviolin19 Dood this is awesome. Do you have any tips or pointers on how to make this costume. Because I want to make it so badly but im unsure of how to. And man that must have been a lot of material that you had to get. And im surprised it's actually light. I'm just kinda worried of i make it...it will be too heavy for me to talk in since im pretty small in height.