Fate/Stay Night



I love Gilgamesh in Fate.
This armor is second made. It was so hard to make
but I like costume play and Gilgamesh. Finally I make it!
I want to be best of the best quality Gilgamesh costume play.

Of course, I have many costume.
but my favorite is Gilgamesh! he is saber one and only partner
I will never stop costume play of Gilgamesh until I do all versions of him.

also I love saber. but I can't costume play. because I'm male. I can not female disguise.
If possibility, I will costume play old saber[male] :)

Ps. I'm korean


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Series Fate/Stay Night
Character Gilgamesh


MDA Oh-holy shit! Best Gilgamesh YET!

rportillo my email is [email protected] plis help me

rportillo hey u cosplay is the best.... i like much I would like to ask for help because I want to do a cosplay of gilgamesh and I wonder if I give some council podes as making at least one similar to yours because I will not be too difficult to overcome but I honor your help please