Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



I made this to wear to one of the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concerts. ^_^

Wig: Alicia in color #1, Black, from Cosworx. I straightened it to get the slight wave out and trimmed the bangs a little. I hand-sewed seven small wefts in color #27, Reddish Blonde, for the highlights (the loose hair I made the wefts from was purchased from Amphigory).

Necklace: The rings are from E-bay, and I added my own chain to make it accurate.

Ribbon: Just a plain, black ribbon from Wal-mart, hemmed and tied into a bow. ^^;;

Duster: "How bad could it be?" I wondered naively, "It looks simple enough..." Six mock-ups, two failures, forty-eight yards of bias tape, one good cry, and one full-fledged nervous breakdown later... it's done. o_0;;

I used the pattern McCall's NY Junior 3733 as very, VERY loose base. Basically, I took a couple of pieces of the pattern and used them as a guide to help me cut in a straight line. Any semblance to the original garment it was intended to produce is long gone.

The "bias" tape is actually straight-grain, but it was all I could find in the necessary color.

For the buttons, I bought half-sphere, white pearl buttons and painted them with a mix of metallic silver and black paint.

I decided to use feathered wings instead of painting them on. I want to eventually make a full-sized pair, but the six-inch ones I'm using now are much more practical for crowded areas. ;)

Wings: Made from stick-on pins, florist's wire, cotton batting, Fabritac, craft feathers, and some more feathers ripped off of a feather boa. I used the florist's wire to form a base, then glued two layers of cotton batting on to that. I then glued the "outer" feathers on, and stuck, sewed, and Fabritacked the sticky-pin to the other side. I added feathers to the underside of the wing, trimming to leave the pin exposed, and... voila. Pin-on wing. Repeat, and you've got yourself a lovely little pair. :)

Armwarmers: Made from scratch, without a pattern.

Camisole: E-bay.

Skirt: Made from scratch. I used the pattern Simplicity Grooves 9705, altering it somewhat.

Biker Shorts: Out of my closet. I bought the zippers separately and carefully hand-sewed them on to avoid the dreaded "wavy zipper syndrome" that often results from trying to machine sew a zipper to stretchy fabric without taking precautions. ^^;;

Boots: Found for 1 USD at a thrift store. =D I bought the belt straps on E-bay.


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