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Ergo Proxy



28/8 - 2010:
Ergo went to Meuwcon03 in Stockholm, 13-15/8.

Couldn't find my gloves though, so Ergo just stole Anti's.

31/5 2009:

At last.
Photoshoot home with myself. Shaking hand + bad lighting + refuse to use flash = bad photos.
But better than nothing >: D

... I was up until 2am the night before the con to get this shit ready :< (was getting up at 5am...) But I... kinda got it done... No red shoes, but practically everything else...
If I'll use this again sometime, I'll make sure to fix some shoe covers + maybe red pants... and I didn't care that much (couldn't with all the black on my hands) about my hair, but hopefully it was a bit... like it should be...
I had my hair a sort of dark red-ish tone (it's actually not blach, it's just the light mostly, at least from what I've seen). I kinda "poked it up" where I could (trying not to touch the mask and getting black fingerprints on it) so it would stand up at least a little.
ah well...


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Gabryo I love this cosplay *_* how have you made the mask? °0° (sorry for my english XD)

Zabuz Hade nästan funderat på *om* man kommer iväg till UppCon att ta med Ergo igen... Tror nästan på't själv, så jooh... Kanske >: D Tackar så mycket :D

KOTKA Alltså, jag gillar den här riktigt mycket. Ergo Proxy är fett bra. När ska du använda denna cosplay? Uppcon? *hoppas*