Kaito Kid

Detective Conan



this is my second cosplay and the first I compete with. it vas fun but the dress is fairly bad made. i didint find a completely white suit so I looked yellow and most of the dress is real clotings that I have canged to fit my caracter. the hat and monocel did I do myself and they turned out pretty good, but vere a pain to wear... ^^
And I think it was about two pers that recognised me... but he is not famous around here so that is understandable.


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Series Detective Conan
Character Kaito Kid
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Fudgelump Yo fellow Kaito Kid cosplayer! :D

Zomtastic Wow, this is a great cosplay! How exactly did you make the monocle? I'm trying to make my own but I don't really kow where to start D:

pgmaymoiku This is really awesome :D Could you tell me how you did the hat and monocle?

Kiichigo You're so cool for doing this!