Female Space Robes




Super awesome fun space robes from Superjail! 8D

Headband - Just a bit of stretchy fabric with a triange sewn onto the "front".

Robe - Double layers of broadcloth in white with light blue trim. Also a blue diamond at the waist, since the female versions of the robes were shown with it.

Crystal Necklace - The crystal is made out of cardboard. Each face was glued together, painted in white, sanded, then painted over with blue paint with glitter for tackiness. XD

Shoes - The shoes were my old Simon (Gurren Lagann) shoes that I painted over. Have since bought shoes that were already white.


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Series Superjail!
Character Female Space Robes


ashweez Hahaha that's so awesome! Such an original superjail cosplay!

~Alandra~ That is epic XD