Diablo II



Almost the entire thing is made out of WonderFlex! The chest piece was initially a leotard bra that I molded the WonderFlex around me, in pieces and strips. Then used friendly plastic as an overlay in parts (mainly the breasts as a smoother xD). Then covered it with red leather, cut in 2 different sections and then braided the red leather to cover the seams.

The other pieces are made out of WonderFlex as well, but they we're a different process. First made out of FunFoam, heated and shaped then plastered with paper mache. Dried and then molded with WonderFlex with Friendly Plastic on top. Painted and then sprayed.
I left more groves in the friendly plastic to give it a more "battle worn" look and texture.
This was all made with the spand of about a month and a half, and finished the night before the Con in my Hotel D:! Lol was my first ever Cosplay too!

A lot more details but I wont go on to write a novel about it ^^;; If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask!! <3


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Series Diablo II
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Lyeric I just had to tell you that my boyfriend seen your cosplay a few years back and swooned over you. He still says your the best amazon cosplay ever! You did such an awesome job :3

cavtrooper63 Nice job!! You look awesome!!