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Update November 2008:


But I'll just leave this here for kicks and giggles.


Wow, er, it's Roxas! xD; I picked him because a group of friends were going as Kingdom Hearts' characters and all the females were taken. (And or had really short skirts. None for me, thank you please.)

**So yeah, this was all sewn by hand, just to let you know. I only recently got a sewing machine AFTER this was completed. xD;

I was very happy with the way it turned out. My prototype for the costume was god-awful and I feared the worst, but this was fine. I must have bought 3 different jackets/shirts until I finally picked on that worked as the "checkered jacket". Which oddly, was a thrift store button blouse on sale. x3; I hand-drew on each checker. (It took FOREVER. @[email protected]!) The black sport-like top underneath was a pain as it was two-sizes too big. The pants were the easiest, 'cause I took two previously owned bottoms and sewed them together. If you haven't noticed, everything looks very cheap. This is true because I had limited funds and used what I already owned for the most part. My wristband was from my prototype costume and frayed like crazy. The rings were made of felt and alas, my non-exsistant wig.

The keyblade. WHAT A BURDEN. xD; Made out of PVC pipe, my broken dresser, and pieces of an easel I found in the trash. The handles would fall off continuously throughout Akon. (Hot glue, super glue, wood glue, it all failed to hold together) It got to the point where it became a ritual to try and piece together my worthless weapon every night. Pretty amusing actually.


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