Full Moon o Sagashite



After long time of being sick and doing nothing at all I found out that Arina Tanemura wanted to come to the Bookfair in Leipzig 2006. Tanemura! So I had to go there and see here because I love her works and arts *.* I didn't get the chance to meet her and getting an autograph like it was some years ago with Yuu Watase, but I decided that there has to be a Tanemura costume for the bookfair because it's special ^-^

I was sure that I wanted to do a Meroko costume, but I don't like her "normal" dress. It's very sexy and don't really fit me at all. So I looked through some Tanemura artworks and asked Amaiyuki for help ^^ I first thought about doing a blacky dress but finally I chose this cute pink dress ^-^ And I could do bunny ears again!


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Created 13 years ago
Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Meroko
Variant Meiko Dress


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