André Grandier

The Rose of Versailles



These costumes are really important to A.J. and I. Takarazuka's 2001 RoV production was what got both of us into Takarazuka (and also into RoV itself.) A.J. had been wanting to make this costume really badly for 3 years. Then this past spring we went to Japan and saw the restaging of RoV at Takarazuka, and that was it, we had to make the costumes.
There is a lot of work that went into these. The jackets are fully lined and interfaced with tails in the back. They snap down the front (for easy theater-style access) and all the extra items like belts, epaulets, aguilets, etc, all snap on as well. The buttons could not be found despite a long search... so I actually found them in Japan and bought them while we were there to see the show! (they are just silver buttons! how silly!) The "medals" were sculpted and cast in resin by A.J. and the silver aguilets (the long silver ropes) were twisted by A.J. and Judy. Lastly, there is a ton of silver trim on these things. ^_^


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Series The Rose of Versailles
Character Andre Grandier
Variant Takarazuka


Flo Exactely what I thought, Chistina199...The Maiko, André, the friend AJ...It must be the "tall girl adventure" (translated in french last spring)

Chistina199 Hey! I know you!(Well haven't actually meet you before) Sorry if I have the wrong person but, I saw your Maiko costume and this Takurasaka costume and realized that aren't you the author of Japan Ai? That awesome little manga book that just made me want to go to Japan even more?! Me and my friend are big fan of your book!!!!!