Adrian Andrews

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney



I made Adrian's Trials and Tribulations outfit as a simple, fun, cheap project since I already had the top fabric and wig. All I had to buy was a belt to alter, a zip for the top, and the notebook.

The top is spare black polyester twill fabric, made with accurate seams and darts and a low back (I went by JFA assuming the style of her top was the same in both games). There's a zip down the back, and the collar fastens with velcro. The belt is patent leatherette with a craft foam buckle. Since everything's black, I liked having a different textures for slight contrast. Besides the numerous sprites showing her from the waist up, there's two black and white snapshots of her full outfit in T&T. Guessing by those, I assumed she had black trousers and shoes. The glasses are my own pair, and the wig is my Riza wig left styled pretty much as it already was. I covered a cheap notebook in orange fabric (since it was all I had to hand!)

Since it should be more recognisable, I went on to make her Justice for All outfit. Luckily this did allow me more references, so I could be certain about the colour of her trousers etc., and seeing the back was handy for getting the back of the top and her hairstyle correct. I put more effort into this one, but still managed it cheaply

The top is made identically to my T&T one, even using the same fabric which also came in blue. It was easier second time round, and I think I got the neckline a bit more accurate, and spent more time on the invisible zip at the back.

I made the trousers from scratch. I originally used some pale green fabric I already had (the very last bit leftover from Alfina). I only had juuust enough fabric, and had to add a bit on at the hem, which was annoying. When I later found pale green stretchy stuff, I remade the trousers. Not that having them as stretchy leggings is ideal, but it was easy, and gave me the right colour.

The belt was one I altered. It fastens at the front, but could do with some help being a bit neater there. In the game the belt looks brown, so I went with that. The buckle is craft foam, with the design made from Fimo clay, which is superglued on then all painted to match the rest of the belt. I also managed to find cheap boots on ebay in almost the same colour as the belt, which are about the right style - they even have a seam down the middle like Adrian's do in T&T!

I bought a pink notebook, and also made a Shelly de Killer card for a prop. The main difference for this costume was the hairstyle, I used a different, longer wig for this costume (a lovely Sepia wig; the Kelly style from CosWorx) and styled the fringe (bangs) to sweep across.


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