Captain Falcon

Super Smash Bros.



Even though the next animé con was many months away, I was so psyched that I have started work on this immediately after Otakuthon 08. Surprisingly, it's so close to finished that I wore it for Halloween!

I wanted to be the first ever "Captain Fabulous" (that's the white and pink Captain Falcon from Melee/Brawn) cosplayer, but unfortunately, I have been beaten to the punch! But...I'm a AM CAPTAIN FALCONETTE!

Or something like that. :3 Still a WIP, but it's coming along.


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Series Super Smash Bros.
Character Captain Falcon


MasterJukeYGOJ Well good luck with distinguishing the difference between Fabulous, and girly with the Falconette! ;D

Psychic Yes, but I am too fabulous to be Captain Fabulous. Plus there's already been a Captain Fabulous, and this is my way of being "unique." By changing the name. It totally works. :) *in denial* Also, this was I can make the costume girly (if I need to, anyway). Fabulous is Metro if anything, not girly. *nodnod* ~Psychic

MasterJukeYGOJ It's Captain Fabulous! Not Captain Falconette! xD