Odin Sphere



I only wore this one for a couple of hours at Acen 08. There are lots of things I want to re-work about this one... the first being the leg armor. It actually is finished, it just decided that it didn't want to stay attached to my legs when I put the whole costume on. I debated on not wearing it until it was all working properly... but I decided that I'd be bummed out when I saw all the other costumes.

I took a lot of liberties with this costume... but I wasn't planning on entering it into any serious competition or anything so I wasn't really worried about it.
The staff has a color change LED in it but it broke off of it's base right as I pushed the button to turn it on. Jeez!
I guess I messed a lot up this time... but it was still fun to make. =)


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Series Odin Sphere
Character Gwendolyn
Variant Battle costume


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