Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



The largest project I have undertaken for cosplay yet. Spent about 3 months putting it together and more hours than I care to count, but it was so worth it.

The metal on the sash and right shoulder was plumbing solder, as were the jacket clasps. The collar pins where made from Fimo.

The beads were individually sewn and took several hours, but I didn't bother counting. It would probably make me cry.

The boots started out as 1" white Gogo boots and were painted with silver acrylic. The wig started out as a Lily Enchantment wig.

The dagger was carved from insulation foam and then given a Wonderflex shell.

This is probably the costume I have had the most fun in. :) It will be back at Anime North 2007.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Zoisite


Fabulousity Teach me sensei! How did you get a pattern for the beading? How long did all the beading take? Would this costume be too ambitious for a beginning sewer? And by beginner, I mean I've only ever sewn a sock money and sock kitty before, and that's it. How did you learn to sew? My mom doesn't know how to sew and there aren't any classes in my area. Could you give me some advice? I really want to do some PGSM cosplays, Zoisite being one of them. Thank you!