Fairy Tail



A kind-of humanized form of Happy. A fun and quick cosplay to make. Admittedly, the legwarmers and ears were done very last-minute.
I love this costume, it's so warm and comfy and fleecey.
The tail drags on the floor and must be carried. When I re-do the whole shebang (it will look the same, just need to reinforce parts), that will change so it hangs a bit above.
<3 Happy.


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Created 10 years ago
Series Fairy Tail
Character Happy


defia 8D Ahh! It's wonderful ^^~ There should be more Happys (; Cute.

Aoi v1 kawaiiiiii! x3

Nami Very cute! Happy is so sweet! And you look nice in this costume.^^ But maybe you can get a blue wig? Then it would be perfect ^^

Cheiko Aww! Thats soo super cute! Great job

challengeddino Amazing! I was wondering how anyone would ever do happy. He's the best character :D