Vampire Marquis Sharlen / Sorcerer Diaage

Vampire Game



The lovely designs in Vampire Game are one of the things that make it such a great manga. It's under-appreciated but has everything a shoujo fan could ask for: strong female characters, mega loads of pretty boys, shounen-ai, fanservice, reverse harem, magic, vampires, and romance.

Sharlen is the main villain for the first half of the series. He first appears as the Sorcerer Diaage in Ci Xeneth, which is the costume we chose for its details.

This was my first time carving into wood. I carved the "magic characters" into the round pieces holding the cape together. Our version has a bit more detail than the manga version, but overall it's pretty close.


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Series Vampire Game
Character Vampire Marquis Sharlen / Sorcerer Diaage
Variant Diaage version


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