Judge Magister Bergan

Final Fantasy XII



This will be my first 'Official' Cosplay. I've been wanting to start work on Bergan for several months, and have finally begun gathering needed materials and finishing all drawn designs and patterns for the suit of armor.
Will update soon!


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Judge Magister Bergan


SeanCook An UPDATE! Whew...after a looong hiatus, I finally have the time and means to start working on this project again. Yay!! After much tutorial watching & reading, and a lot of schematic drawing from screen caps and official Final Fantasy XII artwork, I've gone ahead and invested in most of the tools and materials that I'm going to use to continue Bergan's suit of armor. The main materials as of right now are: Pink Insulation Foam (1 inch and 1/4 inch thicknesses) for armor buildup. EVA foam (6mm thickness) as my primary construction material. Thin craft foam for detailing. More Fiberglass resin for structural portions of chest armor and helmet. A handy dandy, heavy duty Heatgun, and a slew of other tools and tidbits. ^_^ The one other primary material that I will be using in conjunction with the EVA foam is Worbla. I have placed an order for several rolls of this thermoplastic, so I'll be focusing on creating the main structure of the armor with foam for the time being. I'll then apply a double layer of the Worbla over each piece of the suit to finish it off. Before even starting on the main torso armor and collars, however, I'm going to create a duck tape body form. I've studied the process from several tutorials, and already have my wood-mounted PVC stand constructed and ready for the form once it's completed. I think this will make working on and properly scaling the armor much easier. I already have a head form made for when I begin work on the helmet (which will come much later). Well, that's it for now. I'll be sure to post update photo's as I progress. If anyone has any friendly advice or tips, please, feel free to post them. I would greatly appreciate any assistance from those more experienced than myself...which surely consists of the entire cosplay community. lol Cheers!!