Memory of Alessa

Silent Hill 3



I finally happened to come across a fairly decent vest and long turtleneck top with an odd anime looking design so i decided to put together a Heather outfit,seeing as how i didnt have my hair blonde i opted to go for alessa and i murked up/bloodied my vest with kids crayola paint and some of my halloween make up :) i later met up with my friend at her house and applied make up in a hurry! so most people thought i was in a car crash lol :(!


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Created 10 years ago
Series Silent Hill 3
Character Memory of Alessa


RachelRoodle Holy crap. You really look like one of the walking dead! Or some kind of car crash survivor. The exact same feeling of the memory of alessa! Awesome job.

ashelia89 awww thank you Lycorisa :D !!!

Lycorisa I love your make up technique! It looks so real! Impressive work^^

ghost0441 EEEK! Great job on the makeup.