The Legend of Zelda

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Tunic and Hat- Bought from ebay.

White Shirt- A white thermal

White pants- White cordoroys

Belts- The main one that holds the sword was bought from ebay, the two little ones were found around my house.

Bracers- Made by me.

Gloves and Arm Guards- Bought from ebay.

Ears- Bought from ebay.

Boots- Bought from ebay.

Sword and Shield- Shield made by me, Master sword made by a friend, but painted by me.

Scabbard- Made by me


@Forest Boy
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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Link


xTheCrazedOnex Ayee, you make a cute Link! Hope to see you at some other conventions in North Carolina!!

LuckyTriforce You're a pretty cute Link :3 Overall, great job on the ensemble! Kudos to you.

Darman Skirata How exactly did you make the shield? and what pictures did you use for reference material?

TiltedFollower Ahhh this is too awesome! ^^ Great cosplay~

misha3200 looks great!

HylianDragoness Very nice shield! <3 I hope if I ever make one, it turns out that good lol.

Angeal nice shield

puddle_jumper Welcome to! I checked out your website. I'd love to see you on the Zelda board.