Deadman Wonderland

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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Deadman Wonderland
Character Shiro

lauu12 hello ^ ^ where you found the cosplay?

Akemi Idane You get props for the body stocking. Really well-done Shiro, nice job. :D

Crazyasian63 People need to do more Deadman Wonderland....its so insane and wrong in so many ways, but that just makes it awesome!

iheartnurdz Amazing job! I started reading DW recently, and I've been thinking that this would be a really awesome cosplay to do.

sakikarina :3 that is really amazing, I love Deadman Wonderland, XD I wonder if its bad the characters remind me of people I know

TATTO I think you guys are my favorite people ever for doing this. ♥

junkeemunky Holy crap, Deadman Wonderland cosplay. This is so awesome. Also, you have the perfect body type for her, you look great!

facebreak Oh my god! You make an amazing Shiro~! <3 Very good job! :3

Sujun OMG! DW FINALLY A DW FAN YAYYYYS, i'm hoping to finish my Nagi cosplay soon, I need shoes!! DX><;