Kurenai Yuuhi


@Nani Mizu


Lots of strips of fabric all cross-crossing overtop of eachother and then black fabric paint to do the black lines, this costume was all hand sewn.

After I managed to pin all of the strips of fabric to the exact perfect places I wanted them, I sat with this costume in my kitchen for months cause I was afraid to touch it for fear of screwing it up. XD
If it wasn't for some friends of mine inviting me to cosplay Naruto characters with them at Otakon, she may have just sat there forever. ;D

When I finally got the confidence to paint her and sew her, she really wasn't that hard to do.

I got reeeeally lucky on the shirt though. While searching for a suitable shirt to murder for this costume, the second hand store in town just so happened to have the perfect shirt I needed for it, no work in involved. ^^


@Nani Mizu
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Character Kurenai Yuuhi


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