Lavi (Rabi, Ravi)




Lavi - First Uniform - 100%
+ Completed Costume

+ To Be Worn @ Momocon 2009 - Sunday

D.Gray-Man has allwayys been a favorite of mine, as has Lavi and Linali. (And them together because they ARE cannon, so stfu :3) Ahem, I'll be glad when I can get my Linali cosplay done (because of a few minor set backs I have to start from scratch) not to mention my Lavi.

The two probably won't be seen for a while ... but then again I get bored and have nothing to do but sew.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Lavi (Rabi, Ravi)
Variant Uniform One


Lucky>Life You are such a beautiful Lavi. *A*