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Woo boy. This was a mission.
I started this WAY too late. I was rushing hardcore to make it done by Anime North. And because of that, everything sort of fell apart Thursday night. Thank god I took it for a test run.
Everything on this costume is basically a huge test for my skillz, yet simple in construction. The skirt is two pieces of fabric sewn together and ribbon glued on (hurr durr easy way.) If I had more time I would have satin stitched down some satin.
The shirt is my favourite part. 20 pieces of fabric sewn together in panels so it would flatter my body shape more...asadsdfasdga oh my god so much sewing. I really like how it turned out though.
The headwings and crown are made of Sculpt-it, my new love. It's a little heavy but I really liked working with it. It takes paint amazingly well.
The belt/blue thing is literally like
It's all satin and its all satin stitched and just *foams at the mouth*
It's probably the best cosplay item I've made so far. I'm stupidly proud of it. Applique and bias taping are both really fun (but stressful)
Funtimes, I set my iron too high by accident and melted a huge hole in the top of it.
I fixed it though. THANK GOODNESS.
All in all I love how it turned out. Thanks a million to Gilly-kins for the gloves, my mom for hemming the skirt, Charlie for getting me the BEST WIG EVER, and Len for escorting me around like a pretty princess.
I can't wait to wear this costume again.


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Hateshinai This is so cute! awesome Zelda!