Natalie Haller

All Shook Up



"That'll be a dollar, ninety-three!"

✿ Debuted: Halloween 2005
✿ Retired: Halloween 2005

My first ever cosplay! I loved the musical All Shook Up so much that I decided to be leading lady Natalie Haller for Halloween in 2005. (The name MostDecentThing actually comes from a quote in the show!) I got bangs cut in my hair the day before Halloween because I didn't have a wig. The blue suede shoes were my mom's. Mom also made the "Natalie" patch (which is actually a sticker). We accidentally put it on the wrong side of the uniform, but I was so excited to be Natalie that it didn't matter, haha. To make my face look like it had motor oil stains, I smudged a bit of black eyeshadow in a few places...

Unfortunately, I no longer have bangs so I don't look like Natalie anymore. Maybe someday I'll bring her out of retirement, but for now she is a very happy memory :)

Originally Played By: Jenn Gambatese



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Series All Shook Up
Character Natalie Haller


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