Ino Yamanaka




6/2012: I decided to get a wig and do my 1st cosplay justice with a photoshoot!
The top was sewn by my grandmother. i bought fabric and she made her own pattern based on pictures on ino. the middle is actually velcro and the buttons were just sewn on. The skirt is actually 2 pieces. the purple is a rap around and pin at the waist and I wore a gray skirt under it. The fishnets were bought at claires, and all pouches and weapons and shoes I got from Ebay


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Series Naruto
Character Ino Yamanaka


polkadotdream You look great, awesome cosplay!

Pinkprincess i love sakura more but i also like Ino good job ^^ Ino!

Narnian Great job! You did very well!

Ino+Kiba Ino is so much better than stupid sakura , no offense but they make her beg for attention

Captain059 Ino over sakura any day. Nice one.

BalthierFlare Nice Ino!