Lina Inverse

Slayers NEXT



Lina is one of my favourite characters! So, I've always felt guilty that I didn't start on it as early as I needed to for the con. I ended up off-loading some of the work to QuantumDestiny and Glay in the end >.>. (You guys are so amazing!!)

Otherwise, this was the first (and only) costume that I made armor for, which was really exciting ^-^. I used a tutorial by Amethyst Angel:
Didn't quite get to finish the way she did though due to the time crunch *sigh*.

Still, it was so fun once I got the whole thing on, trouncing around in that massive cape! Hee hee! DRAGON SLAVE!


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Series Slayers NEXT
Character Lina Inverse
Variant Before getting Xellos' Talismans


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