Elaine Crane

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood



Oldie that i decided to wear again. I remade all accessories since the old ones didn't really survive my first convention. But i guess things haven't changed. ^^ Almost noone recognized me, which was a bit of a downer. But i didn't really expect people to known the character anyways. (Yay for the people that did recognize me and for those few people that found me worthy to take a picture of <3 Thanks you guys)

Worn on:
Epitanime 2006 (France)
Japan Expo Paris 2010 (France) - Friday
Made in Asia 2011 (Belgium) - Sunday

========= CREATION =========

I had SO MUCH fun making these. ^^ It took quite a while to get them both done. They're made out of pieces of coardboard, coasters, some glue and 10 different colors of paint (2 darkgreen, 2 orange, 2 yellow, 2 gold, green and red) ^^; I wanted to make these as descent as possible so i really took my time making these. It took me maaaaany days of repainting, drying, glueing, more painting etc. =_= OUMF ^^ But i'm VERY happy with it.

I wish I would have gotten far enough in the game to find out why Elaine actually has a keg around her neck. &gt;_< But unfortuantely i still didn't get anywhere near the end of the game. (crappy battle system) I had so much fun making all the props for this cosplay, but i think i'm especially proud of how the keg turned out. I was affraid that it wouldn't look like a real keg, but in the end, it kind of did. (yes, ok if i had made it out of plastic it might have looked even more real) These are made out of chicken wire, welding wire, wooden beads, fabric and a COARK <3 (Wine anyone?)
I acutally made the keg into a miniature bag. One of the back pockets can open up so you can put things inside it. It was very usefull for carrying around a cellphone and a bit of money on the convention.

I'm not really sure what the exact name is for this specific hair ornament. I redid these 3 times. The old ones were made out of crappy cardboard. The second attempt was with chicken wire and dark grey fabric. But i didn't like how it came out. Eventually these were made out of christmass balls, crafting foam, paint, loooooooots and loooooots of glue and thread. It can be attached and removed from the wig with a simple pin. (HEY i'm even making my life easier for once)
It's still not perfect. But I like it, although it could have been better. ^^;;

A little funny fact that i wanted to mention: Elaine has a special kind of bow on her shirt (3 of them!!!). The bow consists of 4 loops en 4 little piece of fabric sticking out. Making those 3 bows took me 3 hours. *ashamed* We sat down with 3 people in an attempt to make those 3 bows. It took about 24 tries to get 3 of them right. ^^;; DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THOSE DOUBLE BOWS!!!

Have fun ~~


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Series Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
Character Elaine Crane


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