My friend and I decided to cosplay Kanna and Kagura together. It was a lot of fun! Even though the costume itself had been a lot of trouble! It's not awfully impressive, but I can tell you it took a while to get the kimono right!!


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Series InuYasha
Character Kagura


brainy-specs I too think this is very impressive work. The Kimono looks very neat and the make up you did for her is perfect! I can see a lot of small details and very clean work. And you're selling it off completely with that facial expression! I would love seeing more pictures of you as her!

Aarri I think you greatly underestimated your costume. ^^ This is one of the most impressive Kagura cosplays I've seen in a while! The details on her kimono(s) are quite good. And I think it's awesome that you could cosplay with your friend, too.