A friend of mine made a Sandshrew hoodie, which led to a horde of Pokemon hoodies at Otakon 2008. I chose Togepi, because I can do the shrill TOGEPRRRRRRRRRRRRIIII!! really well. I wear this hoodie when I feel social, because I get hugged every ten feet. It's also amusing to see people's reaction when they see me smoking a cigarette while wearing it. They range from 'You're too cute to smoke!' to 'BAD TOGEPI!!!' to 'Togepi used SMOKESCREEN!' to ' OMG! I need a picture of a Togepi with a cigarette!'. I also once escaped from Team Rocket while wearing it, a group of Team Rockets set up a 'Pokemon Trap', which was a box propped up on a stick with a bowl of Poke-food (Cheerios) under it. I toddled over- 'Togi-Togi-Togi'- and took some food. "PULL THE STRING!!" they yelled "It's a wild Togepi! PULL THE STRING!!!" And then they realized, No One Had Tied The String To The Box. They all screamed "NOOOOOO!" as I toddled away. It was so perfectly 'Team Rocket' I laughed myself senseless.


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CynicalSniper Soooo cute :D